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The elegant entrance to the Clifton Inn, a bed and breakfast near Charlottesville VA
The South

The 5 Best Places to Stay in Charlottesville (+ another 5 Great Places To Stay Near Charlottesville, VA)

Our kids’ sleep away camp does a week where you can have a family sleepover option with them. Being eating alive by mosquitoes in cabins with communal bathrooms and no WiFi?  That’s not our kind of family bonding. We’ll be nearby in Charlottesville Virginia!  Although a small town, Charlottesville, Virginia seems to draw us regularly to

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Family hotel Atlantis in Dubai

10 Family Getaways Recommended by Kids (Outside of North America)

Are you looking for a more adventurous family trip with your children? In this first part of this series, we looked at family-friendly hotels in North America that were chosen by the children of 15 family travel bloggers. In this part, we look at 10 family getaways recommended by kids outside of North America.  These

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Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles

15 Child Friendly Hotels Kids Love, the North America Edition

If baby ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.  I’m pretty sure that is a truism on any family trip. On the other hand, if your children like their hotel or resort on vacation, their happiness is contagious. Bearing that thought in mind, I asked some of the world’s best family travel bloggers what their kids considered

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The Terranea Spa pool at Terranea Resort California

Oceanfront Bliss at the Luxury Hotel Terranea near Los Angeles

The Terranea Resort in Los Angeles does not wow you so much as lulls you into a comfortable, self-indulgent experience.  The gently swaying palm trees, the fireplaces lit up to ward of the nip of the Atlantic air, and the view of Catalina Island covered in hazy sunshine all provide sensory clues to your body

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Fowey Hall Hotel in Cornwall

Why We Loved Fowey Hall, a Luxury Family Hotel In Cornwall

Have you ever wanted to live the English country house lifestyle but sadly you lack the requisite English country house?  Fowey Hall Hotel is perfect for you. A grand mansion comfortable decorated with dogs and children running around on landscaped grounds, Fowey Hall should fill your curiosity about what those grand manor homes like Downton

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Dubai All that glitters is gold

All That Glitters Is Gold Inside the Burj Al-Arab in Dubai

We got into the taxi and my husband realised he had forgotten the name of the restaurant where we were dining. For someone who is super-organised at work, he is remarkably forgetful as soon as he leaves the office.  It was up to me to explain where we needed to go while he was trying

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shangri la muscat oman

Luxury Family Fun at the Shangri La Muscat in Oman

The half-hour drive from the airport to Shangri La Hotel on the outskirts of Muscat takes you through a dusty sandy-coloured landscape of mountains and valleys.  Although the Middle East that I pictured had sand, this land looked completely different with its winding mountain paths through sand.  After a tunnel takes you through the last

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The Chedi Hotel Muscat

Luxe Minimalism at the Chedi Muscat Hotel

We waffled back and forth on booking the Chedi Muscat Hotel.  It was a choice between The Shangri La Hotel in Muscat and the Chedi Muscat Hotel.  I know, I know – #firstworldproblems.  We booked The Chedi, then changed over to the Shangri La because everyone said it was better for families. After 3 days

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