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The Garden of Reflection 9-11 Memorial in Bucks County

The Garden of Reflection: A Local 9/11 Memorial For A National Tragedy

Although everyone associates New York City with the tragic events of 9/11, that day affected other people near and far.  There are  the obvious consequences such as the tightening of airline security and the wars to eradicate the Taliban. Less known is the fact that some of the victims came from 2 hours away where

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20 ways to have the best summer family vacation

20 Ways You Too Can Have the Best Summer Family Vacations

We all want the idyllic summer family vacation that you see advertised in the glossy magazines.  You know  those beautiful images on the pages of Conde Nast Traveller, Travel + Leisure etc where everyone is laughing, playing and generally beautiful.  Those perfect families are creating joyful memories of happy times which the children will treasure when they

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potluck pizza and the hippie spirit of Martha’s Vineyard

Potluck Pizza Night Invokes the Hippie Spirit of Martha’s Vineyard

In recent years, Martha’s Vineyard has become associated with presidential vacations, multi-million dollar homes and a short-lived reality television show featuring beautiful rich blonde kids.  Co-existing with all these things, the Vineyard I know and love is a less-flashy and more laid-back place. Even if the people you meet are trustafarians, you wouldn’t know it

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The Edgartown Lighthouse, Martha’s Vineyard

Love, Loss and the Edgartown Lighthouse

The picturesque Edgartown Lighthouse stands in the harbour to the pretty whaling town of Edgartown in Martha’s Vineyard, an island located off the coast of Massachusetts.  Across from the lighthouse, you can see the sometimes-island of Chappaquiddick (known locally as Chappy).  On occasion when the Atlantic Ocean feels benevolent, a sandbar connects Chappy to Edgartown

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A Family Holiday with Massimo Villas

Why You Should Take A Family Holiday in Sicily with Massimo Villas

Arriving at night into the airport at Palermo, we did not see the mountains of Sicily which came to characterise our stay in the country.  Even in the dark we could tell this country was full of mountains because we soon found ourselves driving into and out of tunnels hewn through the stone.  From Cefalu,

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The gardens of chateau de chaumont

Photo Essay: The Gardens of Chateau de Chaumont

The Chateau de Chaumont sur Loire doesn’t immediately impress you with its grandeur.  Instead you are struck by the country garden charm of the place.  Right behind the entrance office, there is a giant rabbit topiary.  Garden paths meander past contemporary art and view points onto  fields with wonderful views of the Loire Valley.  Almost

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The impact of Brexit for tourists to Britain.
United Kingdom

Conscious Uncoupling: What Does Brexit Mean for Visitors to Britain?

You’ve heard the acronym bandied about in the last few days – Brexit or a British exit from the European Union.  Another acronym that’s surfaced in the aftermath of the referendum held in Britain on Thursday the 23rd of June is Bregret – British voters regretting their vote for Brexit.  The British vote for Brexit

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A toasted English muffin with butter

Debunking the Origin Myths Behind Seven Favourite Foods

Our recent trip to Sicily had me rethinking the origins of some of my favourite foods.  It all started when I went traipsing through Sicily in search of Sicilian pizza (as I know it) only to come up empty.  I realised that travelling abroad has shattered more than a few food myths that I knew

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Clemens's famous line from The Godfather Part I

Teaching Kids About The Godfather Trilogy While in Sicily

If you are a movie buff, The Godfather Trilogy holds a special place in your heart.  The Godfather Parts I and II are two of the greatest movies ever made … and The Godfather Part III isn’t as bad as many people think.  While we were hanging out post-dinner at our villa in Sicily, my

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A photo essay of tiny Castelbueno in Sicily

Photo Essay: The Charming Town of Castelbuono in Sicily

When we first entered Castelbuono in the mountains above Cefalu, we thought it was the sleepiest town we had ever seen.  Not a person was on the street.  Most of the stores were closed.  Soon we realised, we had arrived in town for siesta.  Slowly around 4pm, the stores started opening and people started congregating

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